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Tips in choosing a Wall-hung Toilet

Wall-hung Toilet

If you stumbled upon your next renovation, you must have heard of the term sanitary ware being thrown around. You must also have stumbled upon the big question of how do I choose sanitary ware? Well first we would have to dissect which part of sanitary ware are you looking for? What are the basic sanitary wares? Two major chunks of sanitary ware are basins or WC

If you’re looking to install a new toilet, you may  encounter the term wall hung. But what does it mean? Why should you consider it? Here are several things to consider when choosing a wall-hung toilet so that you can get the best sanitaryware products for your needs.

1. Wall-hung toilets are comparatively easier to clean

Unlike the conventional toilets, wall-hung toilets are suspended off the floor. This free space instantly eliminates any build-up of dirt that you usually get around a standard pan base of a conventional toilet. Wall-hung toilets tend to make a statement about how you keep your bathroom clean.

2. Wall-hung toilets are compact which save space 

This is one of its most significant advantages over standard toilets. A wall-mounted does not have flushing tanks. Without it, the wall hung does not occupy floor space. This allows wall hung to be compatible for installing even in small bathrooms and bathrooms with special layouts. 

Wall-hung Toilet

The wall hung toilet is mounted on or installed against an adjacent wall. This leaves space beneath where you can place other bathroom necessities. However, this gap of space may vary from wall-hung toilets depending on the design. It’s important to choose one that will be compatible with your specific bathroom’s needs.

3. Low water consumption is an advantage of a wall-hung toilet

While buying a new toilet, one should also be aware of one’s consumption choices. Water consumption is essential when choosing a new toilet. According to numerous studies, wall-hung toilets are more water-efficient than their older counterparts. Forbes outlines that wall-hung toilets can typically use about 20% less water than standard toilets.

If you are still reading, here is the kinder surprise for you. We tell our clients to look out for these 3 characteristics/tips to seek in good sanitary fixtures.

Rimless Option

Always try to find the rimless toilets. What rimless does is that it eliminates hidden areas where germs and bacteria can accumulate. This in turn makes cleaning easier and more efficient.

Wall-hung Toilets

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Ceramic Shield Coating: 

A ceramic coating makes it resistant to frequent stains and makes cleaning extremely easy.

Soundless Flush

With advances in technology, companies, like us, are now shifting towards soundless flush. No noise is now made when you push the button. This eradicates noise pollution and disturbances that are normally present.

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