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Introducing Flux: Toilet Silent Flushing Technology 

By glancing at the title, it is possible you might think, is there such a thing as a quiet flush toilet?

With its already established range of wall hung toilets in its sleek and modern selection, FLUX now introduces the radical yet serene Silent Flush technology. An addition has been made to accommodate for a silent flush.

Is the sound of flushing a significant factor?

Frankly, the sound of flushing and its uncomfortableness might vary from customer to customer when deciding whether they want to purchase a toilet. But in the same lane, why not make a product for those who would want to go noiseless in their bathrooms? Bathrooms are usually seen as a place of wanted peace and the sounds sometimes can be indeed disruptive. The silent flush toilet is still better than a lazy toilet.

What is a lazy toilet?

A lazy toilet on the other hand, is lethargic in its system of flushing and might take too much time. It creates unnecessary stress on the consumer who might be using it and can manifest itself badly in the future. You should really start seeing the signs in your bathroom to avoid bigger problems in the long run.

FLUX aims for some simplistic goals ranging from

hygienic and water-saving technologies in line of conscious sustainable practices.

Flux’s innovative technology allows the water to quietly spiral through the toilet bowl. In turn, the water consumption is saved and with its rimless lid and bottom your bathroom hygiene is improved. The noiseless toilet flushing bowl is cleaned with less than the required water saving water costs.

While keeping the silent flushing system intact, the Functional design is not compromised

To meet the necessary requirements of water swirl, the rimless toilet shape allows the water along a perfectly optimized spiral path. The use of newer Silent Flush does not inherently change anything drastically with the already conventional vibe of the toilet.

It is inevitable that this technology will be introduced and being one of the initial solutions provided to our customers allows us to venture toward our sustainable goals.

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