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Herringbone Flooring: What and why?

At Hadayatson, we have provided with Herringbone with several decades and to celebrate this, we would like to showcase the actual qualities of Herringbone and why you should consider getting one if you are renovating or opting for a new home project.

So what is Herringbone?

Unlike the sound of it, it is not something related to bones, pun intended, but it actually refers to the pattern that is formed when the wooden planks are conjoined together on the surface level. For a greater understanding, please view the following image. It is a type of zig zag pattern which has its alluring notion.

Showcases the Herringbone, wooden flooring, Pattern by Hadayatsons

History of Herringbone

Herringbone can be traced back to Roman Empire where it was usually used in buildings. The interlocking design by its nature is meant to absorb shock waves and create a field of stability on the ground. The pattern of Herringbone is not limited to wooden flooring. Much of it is also linked to ancient clothing design where a similar type of sequence is also followed.

Why is Herringbone so popular?

Although there are several reasons why it remains a popular purchase among our customers. However according to research, it helps create a warm and peaceful atmosphere in the space it is used. Depending on the grain, and thickness of your wooden plank, it is also durable and stable in the longer run. Due to its incarnate details, it was also popular among the elite class at one point to show the uniqueness of their taste.

Herringbone also imitates its predecessors in keeping old and new traditions alive. While providing a wooden feel, it also gives a “carpet/graphic tile” vibe. Consumers who tend to be avid users of laminate, and vinyl flooring do tend to gravitate towards Herringbone.

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