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2023 Bathroom Trends on our Radar

Although a bathroom might seem rooted in its function, it is the perfect space to flex your individuality. There are numerous ways to refresh your bathroom design by reflecting the newest bathroom designs.

Bathroom design schemes should be built to last. However, you can keep up-to-date finishes, vanities, or styles, whether you want to renew your bathroom vanity, adopt a bold wallpaper design, or add modern bathroom decor. To help you keep up to date with the latest color trends for bathrooms and the nitty gritty details, we conducted holistic research to make the right guide. This would help decorate your new bathroom or powder room makeover; we have retrieved our favorite interior designers’ and architects’ bits of advice for bathroom trends in 2023.

1. Texture (Graphic) Tiles are now in the mix.

“Taking geometric patterns and installing them so the pattern fades into a solid design. Talk about a chic custom look without the extra cost.” — James Stanley, architectural designer

Bathrooms are one of the used spaces in housing or firm units. Although its functionality is always prioritized, it is a space where it should give an elegant look. After all, a space used so commonly can uplift your mood if made right. Textured Tiles will be used on a flat area, wall, or floor tiles, or can be both, to enhance the old bland mixture of space.

2. Nature Inspired and Organic Colors

Some of the notable themes that will become more used are “Sandy beiges, warm ochres, and dusky browns,” or earthy tones are the classic choice to represent bathroom colors of 2023. To incorporate this, you can either use warm-natured shades together or stick to one form of a color palette. Whichever option you choose, the results will give a serene look that will signify calmness and peace.

3. Colorful Basins

Forbes claims that colorful sinks are making a significant comeback in 2023. LaPlante and Grohl explain that a significant portion of the trend is moving towards non-traditionalism, of which one part is colorful sinks. Opting for a colorful rather than a standard white sink optimizes the bathroom color while aligning with bath trends. This step is even helpful in optimizing small bathroom spaces where the space limits the flare of individuality. Flux basins help you give a flare of what these basins tend to be.

4. Enrich yourself with “Spathrooms”

For enthusiastic who are always asking:

What does a luxury bathroom need?

Spathrooms or spa bathrooms are predicted to be one of the leading trends for 2023. Heavily influenced by the rising trend of self care across the globe and it is safe to assume that bathrooms, due to their functionality, are considered essential places for self care and hygiene.

Spa bathrooms are considered to be an extension of the main bedroom and intended to give you the luxurious hotel experience at home by incorporating the same bathroom colours and bathroom ideas that are hinted in one’s own room to create a seamless transition between the two spaces. To be in line with the theme, some experts argue that to invoke the true spirit of the spa bathroom, incorporate wooden tiles but to each to its own.

We hope that overviewing the four bathroom trends we have discovered today have helped and guided you in some way. 

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