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How to maximize bathroom space and impact?

Bathroom Space: Flux Wall Hung Toilet

Having a bathroom space doesn’t mean you have to compromise the outlook of it. Finding the right feel of a bathroom can be challenging and you can stumble with questions like: How can I improve my bathroom design? How do I make my bathroom aesthetic? Or How do you organize a luxury bathroom? These are normal questions we have seen our clients gone through while creating or recreating their bathrooms,

So, lets cut to the chase, How do you style a bathroom? 

Bathrooms are one of those home features that are multifunctional in nature, if you are tired of being confused to how to optimizse bathroom remodeling, These are some 5 tips we give our to our customers, that we would like you to take into account as well while window shopping for sanitary goods.

Tip #1. Select your tiles theme very carefully

Although this might seem redundant, this is key caution to set the right tone for you are decorating a small bathroom, while you may opt for darker tones, black and brown, but they can also overpower the small space you might have. Capitalise on your light and color themes to maximus the impact of your bathroom look. For reference, we have attached our favourite tiles from our collection that are timeless and can be a shortcut to judge what works and not for small bathroom renovations. This is necessary to also understand as bathroom remodel cost are not small either.

Figure: Spain Tiles In Action

Bathroom Space: Spanish Tiles

Tip #2 Stick to a Cohesive Color Scheme

Once you have decided on a color scheme, try to stick with it. For example, if your color scheme is monochromatic, diverting into bright tones like yellow might throw off the momentum. For reference, statics shows that people are choosing white as a popular color in luxury bathrooms. You might want to see the below attached pictures to cohesiveness required in a bathroom.

You can view at Flux Bathrooms for a glance.

Tip# 3 Invest in Bathroom Accessories

We recommend this solution for a number of reasons, firstly it creates space and diverts attention to different parts of the bathroom. You are not limited to using the vanity to keep your bathroom essentials such as toiletry, and other make up items. You can optimise space by buying racks, soap dish and other items to create specific space for items that may be otherwise be scattered.

We hope you liked our article. 

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