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To or not to choose wooden flooring?

One of the most aesthetic flooring in the market is Wooden flooring. They have stood the test of time as they are durable and low-maintenance floors that give a natural, warm vibe.

Wooden Flooring

Wood Flooring has become the current trend in the interiors. It is classic, elegant, and modern. Wooden Flooring is also supported by most of the interior design and architecture community. With addition of it, adds an element of nature to one’s home.

Wooden Flooring-1

But before we deep dive into the mechanics of wooden flooring: Why is wooden flooring preferred?

  1. Aesthetic Outlook: Wooden flooring of any type successfully exudes an alluring and pleasing effect. These wood floors have a warm appearance, making them highly sought after by interior designers and others alike. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the wooden flooring would make the space appear visually bigger.
  2. It is easy to install: Compared to other flooring options, such as marble, and ceramic tiles, which require substantial labor costs, it is relatively easier to install wood floors.  An expert company, like us, who have been present for 25 years, or an external expert, would achieve the credible finish that is important to achieve that outcome.
  3. Budget-friendly: The factor that attracts and retains a customer is the wooden flooring price reality. To be more realistic, imagine if the flooring tiles meet your decorative expectations and your budget constraints; who would in their right mind defer such a deal? Although redesigning a space raises the essential question of cost and whether wooden flooring is expensive? The general consensus for this is wooden floors are cheaper than tiles. But the price range depends on the type of wooden flooring you choose, whether that be laminate or vinyl or solid wood. Wooden flooring comes in a variety of prices to suit every budget. 

While looking out for different patterns, there are 3 key points you should look out for:

  • Making a contemporary room theme
  • Using the correct type of wood and
  • The grain of the wooden plank.

Making a harmonious nature colour scheme

You should look out for wooden flooring that would help enhance the layout of the office and lift up the mood of the space and complement furniture and other decorative items. At the same time, this does not mean it should be overpowering the space. Pick a color scheme and try to stick to it.

Choosing the right type of hardwood floor

The first step is to understand the different varieties of woods. If you are not yet familiar with the wooden space, you might check out the following guide. Once you are well versed with the space, try to find which type, laminate to solid wood, would fit your space. Discuss it with your architect or interior designer and see if your vision works.

Wood grain and pattern

Wood floorboards are cut into planks so the waves of pattern do matter when they are connected to bring out the bigger picture. Every wooden plank has a different grain variation, and thus runs differently. Try to find a continuous pattern if possible so the relationship between one plank and the other is consistent and complete.

wooden flooring tiles design-3

While keeping these pointers in mind, one should really find wooden flooring that optimizes the style and design of their home or office. Always be on the lookout for different varieties and assess each choice carefully before making an informed purchase. 

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